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InCare Features

Awesome features of the InCare System


Electronic Note Entry

This is the center piece of the InCare system and provides the focal point of all system activities. Electronic Notes are created by the DSP reflecting services provided to the client. The Electronic Note forms the basis for both payroll and billing and creates a permanent audit trail.


Time Management

InCare scheduling component that allows the DSP or Manager to easily schedule appointments for clients as it comes from their Service Contracts. This eliminates over billing Á supports full contract use by sharing the schedule with everyone


High Speed Processing

InCare provides a real-time processing component that allows administrators the ability to view Notes that have been submitted and processes them in minutes for billing Á payroll.


Lifetime Data Storage

InCare provides lifetime storage for your data and supports users to retrieve reports on that data today and in the future.


Summary Reporting

InCare provides the control reports necessary for mandated State reporting along with reports to manage ongoing operations.


Internal Hipaa Mail

InCare provides a secured environment for exchanging critical information that is compliant with HIPAA and other requirements.

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